Friday, 16 July 2010

Feminism 101

Sometimes, having me as a nanny is like being in an elementary school level feminism course. We talk about how sometimes girls are told they should behave a certain way, or how boys are told the same thing. We discuss where these ideas come from, why people think of them as "truth," and how important it is to be aware of all of this.

Today, Clover asked me about Barbie, and if there is an equivalent for boys-- that is, something that teaches boys how to act, the way girls are taught how to "be" by Barbie (granted, one small example of the social indoctrination that occurs).

She was thinking of this! All by herself! Without being prodded in that direction!


A+ in Feminism 101

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Naked Bridesmaid?

This weekend, my friends got married. Aslan and Hans have been pronounced Mr. and Mrs., the bride was kissed, the people danced, the tea lights refused the stay lit, and we all ate cake. After the reception, we relocated and continued to the party.

Over the last few months, Aslan has taken to calling me her 'naked bridesmaid.' That is, I had "all of the stress, none of the dress." Though not a member of the bridal party, I threw myself wholeheartedly into the preparations, parties, and adventures relating to the wedding. I like planning. I like weddings. And I love Aslan and Hans.

I like the title "the naked bridesmaid" much more than I like "code name Blythe," so that's what I'm going to go with. Of course, I'll still BE Blythe, but that won't be the title of the blog anymore. Despite not being Aslan's naked bridesmaid anymore-- as the wedding is successfully completed-- but I still think it sums up my behaviour in general.

I like to be involved. I like to help. I like to plan. I do like to be thanked, but I don't need it to be "official"-- I'm perfectly happy to just jump on board and be excited!

I am, you see, The Naked Bridesmaid.