Sunday, 15 June 2014

Consolation Prizes

I'm calling BS.

The idea of a "consolation prize"? That's bullshit.

I'm working my way through the interviewing process these days, and it can be kind of exhausting. I have yet to hear anything back from the interview I went on last week, but I have decided something: I'm celebrating either way. Either I will celebrate because I've gotten the job (paneer tikka masala! a nicer bottle of wine than usual! PINK HAIR!) or I will celebrate because I tried my hardest and had some valuable interview practice (paneer tikka masala! a nicer bottle of wine than usual!). I will not issue a consolation prize. I will not need a consolation prize. I will not need consolation, dammit.

Because I will be proud of what I have done, whether that has resulted in a job or not.

So there.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


I'd looked through the house, under chairs, on the bed, Preposition Noun, you name it. No cat.

This was a problem. The cat is a strictly indoor cat, despite his clearly expressed wishes. I had been gone for five hours, so if he had gotten out, he could be pretty far away.

"Finnegan? Gins?"

I was wandering around the yard, call for the cat. Some people would consider this a complete waste of time-- and it would have been, with some cats. But not this cat. This cat comes when he is called, 99% of time.




"Mew. Mew! Mew."

"Finnegan. Cat. Where are you?"

"Mew mew mew mew mew..."

I looked around. Under the deck? No. Behind a bush? No. Behind me? No. The mews were coming from...


My eyes followed the sound. There was a cat on the roof. (No, not a hot tin roof. Just a shingle roof.)


"Hold on, Gins. I'm going to get a ladder."

I ran to the garage, purple bathrobe flapping, grabbed the smaller of the ladders, and rushed back to the house. I snapped the ladder into place, and clambered to the top. Finnegan crouched on the edge of the roof, peering anxiously over the edge. Reaching out to him, I pulled him gently toward me.


Cat safely cradled in my arms, I reversed down the ladder, brought him inside, and served him a bowl of his favorite food.

Then I put on my dress and shoes, and headed out the door for my interview.

Just your average day.