Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Am I famous yet?


J.Crew has named a BLOUSE after me!

Well, not exactly after me. It's more of a coincidence. Regardless, here is "my" blouse:

the "Blythe Blouse" www.jcrew.com

I'll take two.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Rich and Famous

Blythe: Well, one day when I'm rich and famous, I'll get that.
Children: How are you going to become rich and famous?
Blythe: I'll be famous for being the Best Teacher Ever. Obviously.
Children: OR you could be famous for being the Best NANNY Ever.
Blythe: Excellent point.
Children: And we could be famous for being the Best Nannied Kids Ever.
Blythe: Plan.

Now, you all just wait. WE'RE going to become rich and famous!

PNW weather report

Rain changing to show'rs
which of these is the wetter?
Guess I'll wear my boots.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Well, at least he knows my name!

Neptune very rarely says my name once. He gets my attention by chirping repeatedly, "Blythe? Blythe? Blythe?" but there's not enough time between each utterance for me to actually reply. More recently, though, it's been abbreviated somewhat.

Neptune: Mom? I mean-- Blytheblythe?

(It sounds better with my real name, I can see why it's so tempting to do.)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Farewell and A Welcome

Farewell to... Annabelle.

My loyal car of 6 years, Annabelle (a silver bug) was my trusty companion to college in California, on spring break to Arizona, back and forth to Portland more times than I can count, and a chariot for children. I personified that car to the point that it was truly painful to part ways with her. Yet, with 100,457 miles, it was time to do exactly that. Soon Annabelle would cost more to maintain that she was, in fact, worth. The only logical decision was to trade her in and start over fresh with a new car.

But the logical decision is not the emotional one, and, ridiculous as it is, I was very sad to give her up. Annabelle, first car o' mine, you were a joy.

Welcome to... Stella!

A new, 2010, Toyota Corolla, Stella smells nonintoxicatingly of "new car." She has four (four!) doors, a little alarm that goes off if you leave the lights on (thank god), and is a shiny, unblemished, dark grey. When I drove her off the lot, she had only 4 miles on her. AND I get free oil changes/tire rotations/servicing for 3 years. YES! I will take good care of this car. I'm forcing people to keep their feet down, food and drinks closed, and fingers off the window.

I am That Car Owner.

I expect I'll get over it soon, but for now, I'm revelling in her new-ness. The only problem: I no longer have a tie-dyed moose bumper sticker in the back window of my car ('cause, you know, it was stuck on Annabelle). I need to get me one of those.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010 in review

This year I...

- graduated from college
- got my first apartment
- received the title to my first car
- moved into my first apartment
- adopted two wonderful cats
- attended the wedding of my very dear friends
- experienced (am experiencing?) my parents' separation and impending divorce
- went on a trek with llamas and children
- lounged on the beach in Cancun (also with said children!)

What. A. Year.