Sunday, 30 May 2010


It has happened. I have fallen in love.

Unfortunately, this love is with a couch, not with someone who can return my affections. But here's the thing-- this couch will hold me close. This couch will always be there when I get home. This couch will, I expect, never let me down.

That is, if i get this couch. It's $600 (if I buy it by tomorrow, when the sale ends).

Arguments FOR the couch:
1. Most comfortable couch in. the. world.
2. A lovely couch. A cute couch.
3. Have space to store couch until an apartment is obtained.
4. Do not need to buy any other living room stuff, as have either stock piled it from high school (eg the papasan chair) or gotten it from the kids' grandparents during their basement clean-out

Arguments AGAINST the couch:
1. Oddly, the store wants money for it. $600, specifically.

Here, my friends, is the couch. (The picture doesn't do it justice.)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

You know you wish your kids said stuff like this...

Neptune: Can I open these [temporary tattoos] so I can look at them on the way home?

Me: Yeah, just be careful not to spill them on the bottom of the car. That'd be a pain to clean up.

Neptune: Oh, ok. But even if I spill them... they'd be my responsibility to clean up. You wouldn't have to do it.

Friday, 21 May 2010

I should tape record every day...

Blythe: "The Karate Kid... that's the movie with Jaden Smith in it, right? Will Smith's kid?"
Neptune: "Will Smith? Is that the guy who wrote all of the plays?"
Blythe: "No, that's William Shakespeare."

Monday, 17 May 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things I Have Learned in College

- Not all family is biological
- 2am is the perfect time to get work done or hang out with friends (8 or 9am is NOT)
- Alcohol is a food group
- Classes and professors Can and Will change your life
- Flip flops are the only type of shoes you ever really need
- You do not finish college as the same person you were when you started
- Curiosity is the first step
- It's about the process
- Dorm rules are really just meaningless words. No need to obey them.
- True independence is a myth
- Everything is more complicated than you thought it was
- Everything will take more time than you thought it would
- Study guides are a gift from the gods
- Dusting is a fictional activity
- In the right set of circumstances (ie dining halls) people will both cook your food for you, and clean up the dishes after you
- It is likely never possible to appreciate college enough.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just So's You Know

In case you were wondering (and I'm sure you were):

YES tomorrow is my last academic day of college (followed by senior week, and then graduation)

YES I will be the student speaker at graduation

YES my speech involves a puzzling metaphor (would it be a graduation speech if it didn't?)

YES I spent a significant part of the afternoon by the pool today

YES tomorrow is the faculty/student mixer, during which we will drink and gossip together

YES we have successfully been drinking every night for the past week or so (though usually only a class or two of wine or a beer)

YES my friends and I did a photoshoot around our school (see example photo below)

YES Hans fixed my computer, and now I can listen to music on it

YES I have friends from out of state coming to visit VERY SOON

YES things are going well, and I want this next week and a half to stretch on for a very long time