Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things I Have Learned in College

- Not all family is biological
- 2am is the perfect time to get work done or hang out with friends (8 or 9am is NOT)
- Alcohol is a food group
- Classes and professors Can and Will change your life
- Flip flops are the only type of shoes you ever really need
- You do not finish college as the same person you were when you started
- Curiosity is the first step
- It's about the process
- Dorm rules are really just meaningless words. No need to obey them.
- True independence is a myth
- Everything is more complicated than you thought it was
- Everything will take more time than you thought it would
- Study guides are a gift from the gods
- Dusting is a fictional activity
- In the right set of circumstances (ie dining halls) people will both cook your food for you, and clean up the dishes after you
- It is likely never possible to appreciate college enough.

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