Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just So's You Know

In case you were wondering (and I'm sure you were):

YES tomorrow is my last academic day of college (followed by senior week, and then graduation)

YES I will be the student speaker at graduation

YES my speech involves a puzzling metaphor (would it be a graduation speech if it didn't?)

YES I spent a significant part of the afternoon by the pool today

YES tomorrow is the faculty/student mixer, during which we will drink and gossip together

YES we have successfully been drinking every night for the past week or so (though usually only a class or two of wine or a beer)

YES my friends and I did a photoshoot around our school (see example photo below)

YES Hans fixed my computer, and now I can listen to music on it

YES I have friends from out of state coming to visit VERY SOON

YES things are going well, and I want this next week and a half to stretch on for a very long time

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