Monday, 19 April 2010

Things I Do:

These days, I do many things that aren't necessarily a blog post in and of themselves. So, I'm going to write a list. I like lists.

I like lists a lot.


1. Look at apartments available on
2. Dream of kitchen appliances, dish towels, and living room furniture
3. Make lists of the things I have Left To Do In College. Cross things off of said list.
4. Count down to graduation (4 weeks!)
5. Write real cover letters and resumes.
6. Write fake cover letters.
7. Look at apartments available on
8. Complete school work. Consider important topics very carefully.
9. Marvel that it takes the same amount of time to write a 5 page paper as a 10 page paper. Consider why this is.
10. Watch many episodes of Bones. In a row.
11. Discuss apartments on with friends. Consider each other's plans for next year. Panic a little.
12. Eat dessert regularly.
13. Create budgets for next year.
14. Register with Every Single Nanny Agency I can think of.
15. Look at apartments on

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