Sunday, 30 May 2010


It has happened. I have fallen in love.

Unfortunately, this love is with a couch, not with someone who can return my affections. But here's the thing-- this couch will hold me close. This couch will always be there when I get home. This couch will, I expect, never let me down.

That is, if i get this couch. It's $600 (if I buy it by tomorrow, when the sale ends).

Arguments FOR the couch:
1. Most comfortable couch in. the. world.
2. A lovely couch. A cute couch.
3. Have space to store couch until an apartment is obtained.
4. Do not need to buy any other living room stuff, as have either stock piled it from high school (eg the papasan chair) or gotten it from the kids' grandparents during their basement clean-out

Arguments AGAINST the couch:
1. Oddly, the store wants money for it. $600, specifically.

Here, my friends, is the couch. (The picture doesn't do it justice.)

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