Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What's in a name?

Clover and Neptune no longer like their nicknames-- not their blog nicknames, but the actual names that everyone calls them. For the sake of argument, we'll say that Clover's real name is Elizabeth, and Neptune's is Andrew.

When I left their house Friday evening, they were called Lizzie and Andy, as they had been their entire lives. By the time I showed up again on Monday, Lizzie had a sign on her door that read "Beth's room," and Andy made it clear that he wanted to be known as "Rattler" from now on.

Or maybe "Viper."

He hasn't quite decided.

Clover is more than determined, more than steadfast. People will call her Beth, and they absolutely will not call her Lizzie. Woe betide them if they should try!

I am sitting back and waiting, eager and amused to see how the whole thing turns out...


  1. Yeah, just call them whatever they want, it's easier that way. When my youngest was little, she would meow and we would have to call her Fluffy. Sometimes she would bark and we would have to call her Sparky. No biggie, she turned out okay. Except she does like to lift her leg when she pees and occasionally poops in the sandbox...just kidding!

  2. That is so cute! What brought this on??

  3. In third grade I wanted to change my name to Katherine. It sounds so much more grown up and mature...it lasted MAYBE a week. :)

  4. That is cute. It's great they're asserting themselves and creating identities!

    I also love "Rattler" and "Viper".

  5. I actually tried to go by "Purdy" for a while in kindergarten and "Hoku" in junior high. I was pretty awesome.