Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Is there a lining? Is it silver?

1. Lost one of my part-time jobs, because the dad had his hours severely reduced.
2. Car is old and needs replacing, which costs money. Money I don't have, because (see above).
3. Cats have fleas. Fleas. Won't. Die.

Silver lining:
1. I did not lose the job because of my work, just because of circumstances. They, and many other parents I know, want me to be employed. I will get good recommendations.
2. I have until February 1 to find another job.
3. Getting a car with 4 doors sounds AWESOME. I love Annabelle, my bug, but she isn't really all that practical.
4. As much as I'd hate to go back to mooching off of my parents, they will not let me starve, live on the streets, or be consumed by debt.
(There is no silver lining to the fleas)

Unrelated positive events:
Going on a New Years Adventure into the snow with a large group of awesome people.

1 comment:

  1. We had fleas in Lima. Maybe in my room, or in the performance space where I was rehearsing every day. It was making me crazy. I was covered in bites and very unhappy. Started spraying like a mad woman. No luck. My roommates told me I should just chill out and accept fleas as a way of life. That made it worse, but then the fleas went away on their own. Magic!

    Happy New Year! Let's hang out when you get back from that state to the south.