Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The iTampon, etc

Do you remember that time, a few years ago, that the invention of the iPad was announced? Some people thought it was going to be the Greatest Thing Ever in terms of convenience and fun, and others thought it was not only a Silly Waste of Money, but also had a Stupid Name. Some of those people made jokes about the iTampon being the next product produced.

Guess which group I fell into.

I thought that iPad was basically just a big iTouch (which, you know... it is), and was trying for the convenience and usability of a computer (which, again...) but not actually achieving it. I wondered why anyone would spend money on something that was somehow both an iTouch and a computer, and yet wasn't particularly good at being either. I made a few more jokes about iTampons. (I know, I know. Humour of a 12 year old.)

But then, guys, I played with one. And then I actually Used One for a Variety of Purposes.

And I thought, "Okay, so these are pretty fun. And certainly easier to use than an iTouch. But it still seems like an awful lot of money for a toy."

And then


I tried one with a bluetooth keyboard. And. I. Was. Hooked.

When you combine an iPad with a keyboard, it suddenly goes from Kind-of-Silly-And-Pointless to Powerful-Tool-Of-The-Future. At least, that's what happened to my perspective.

So, you know. I bought one. To use for grad school, because I actually think it will be super awesome and helpful. E-books! Typing ANYWHERE! Don't have to lug around my laptop! WOOHOO!

But just in case you were wondering if I'm any less juvenile, I'm not. I will be referring to the little stylus pen I ordered as the "iTampon."

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  1. Literally laughed out loud when reading this post because it paralleled how I felt too. Except my joke was that they were gonna call the 2nd generation the MAXiPad. I thought it wasn't that groundbreaking until I happened to get one free through my work 2 years ago and it's crazy how fun and useful they can be. I made use of it on business trips and also just laying around at home. Great for a number of different things and as I have told people, "It's an efficient way to waste time."

    And you always gotta keep some juvenile humor cause life is boring without it!