Monday, 24 September 2012


Have I mentioned recently that I avoid going to doctors and virtually all costs? Like, if my right arm were to fall off, I would probably seriously consider whether this was something I could fix myself. I would genuinely entertain the possibility that it might be self-healing. (I would, in this example, indeed go to a hospital. But I would do it under great duress.)

Anything less than a severed limb or cardiac arrest? I'm SO not going. I'll throw some ice on it, or take some IBprofen, or drink some herbal tea with honey. I remain convinced that nearly everything can be cured with herbal tea and honey. Nothing you can say, and no study you can point to, will convince me otherwise.

So I have band aids and honey... why would I ever need to go to a doctor?

Preventative health care, kids. They say it's important, and they aren't kidding. I went to the doctor the other to get a vaccination (I do accept that tea and honey will not ward off chicken pox), but before they would give me the vaccination they insisted on a Full Physical. Because, to be fair, I had not had one in over two years. BUT! STILL! So after I've been poked and prodded within an inch of my life, they gave me two vaccinations. In my left arm, I got the Tdap vaccine. In my right, I got the flu shot. Ok, ok, this is all worthwhile.

Then they brought out another needle, with the intention of retrieving enough blood from me to run a general blood panel, and find out if I'm immune to chicken pox already. I presented the inside of my right elbow, and after considerable astonishment at the size of my veins (smaller than the naked eye can see! almost), sufficient blood was retrieved.

Several days later, they called to tell me that my blood test revealed that I have an immunity to chicken pox already, left over from the vaccine I had at age 7.

Well, good.

Except that now I feel like I was tricked into going to the doctor.


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