Sunday, 27 January 2013


 I was looking back through some of my previous posts, and keep seeing places where I mentioned all of the exciting stuff I was going to share "soon." Often, that never comes to pass-- I get distracted by life in the present, and just forget about what I was going to document. But no more!

Well, ok, realistically, I will carry on doing just that. But I'm trying to catch up a little bit. SO, without further ado...


I went to visit Aloha over Thanksgiving weekend. It was great, and glorious, and not nearly long enough. I loved hanging out with her, getting to know where she lives, and meeting some of her people. We had a wonderful time strolling on beaches, lying in the sun, visiting sea turtles, and wearing muumuus around town. Like ya do.

Pineapple ice cream at the Dole plantation. Delicious treat, and cute baby pineapple spotting.

Trying to fly by the tide pools. Failed, but got close, I think. 

Bravely poking a baby sea cucumber

Waimea Beach-- view from where we parked the car
(and the background on my iPad... so I can gaze longingly at it many times a day)
My favourite home-cocktail! Guaranteed to induce cavities immediately. Dragonberry Rum, Sprite, and Skittles
Sea turtle friend. Besides seeing Aloha, seeing a sea turtle (or a gazillion) was my main priority. Success! Saw a gazillion.
The view from Diamond Head
Of course, I did not EAT the Spam. I just posed with it. Like ya do.

Muumuu day! Complete with leis. No one has ever looked quite so good in a muumuu as we do, I think.
Though there were so old ladies out and about who gave us a run for our money. 
Truffle pig chocolate bar: Turned out to be shaped like pigs! Much to my delight and Aloha's surprise.

 It was an amazing not-long-enough weekend, and I can't wait until I get to see Aloha again. It may not be for a while yet, but in the meantime, I will simply gaze longingly at the photos of our adventures. Maybe that will tide me over. 

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