Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pick Your Battles

I've always heard "pick your battles." It's strong advice, given by strong people, to strong people.

Is this a hill you want to die on?

What are you trying to achieve?

I am, for all of my many faults, an extremely reflective individual. In fact, some (me) would list that among my faults. I ask myself these questions all the time. Often before a request leaves my mouth, but sometimes after. 

Is this something I want to pursue? 

Will the energy (and potential misery) be worth the end result?

Will I gain or lose respect by handling this situation in this way?

What do I want him/her to learn?

Will this help him/her grow as a person?

Is there enough time for this to be a battle?

Think. Think. Think.

Generally, here is what I've concluded:

Hills to die on
- Treating people with kindness
- Getting chores and homework done
- Health and hygiene matters

Not worth the battle
- Pretty much everything else.
- Yeah, ok, like everything else.
- For example. The precise standards of bedroom tidiness. 

Breathe in, breathe out. Think.

What am I trying to achieve? 

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