Monday, 4 May 2009

The Countdown Continues

Tomorrow I have an exam for Energy and the Environment, and on Thursday I have a Research Methods final. Then, well, that's it.

After that I throw myself entirely into non-academic pursuits: getting BLT/Druids all positioned to be fantastic next year, going to see various end of year performances, beginning the packing and storage process, and--not at all to be overlooked-- hanging out at the beach, going to Disneyland, possibly venturing to SeaWorld, and camping at Joshua Tree with tofu dogs in the week prior to graduation. It will be amazing.

However, in between 9:30 Monday morning and noon-ish on Thursday (not to mention the days that follow, which are still busy, though not academic) there is a lot to accomplish. How do I achieve this without going crazy?

Like this:And yes, that's money attached to Thursday-- I need $3 for the improv show, and this way I'm sure to be prepared.

Are you impressed?


  1. Very impressed! You are organized!

  2. I am appalled. No one should be that organized. It's a crime against nature.