Saturday, 23 May 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Riggidy Jig

Summer is officially here! I have splashed in a river, eaten several popsicles, slept in, and applied sunscreen with a desperation normally associated with the terminally ill seeking a cure. It's pretty great.

I spent my first non-senior-week days of summer in Sacramento, with my friend Okapi. (I love having code names. They crack me up.) Her family lives in a fabulous area right by a large park, and we spent a couple of happy hours wandering around there, making flower crowns, frolicking in the river, and becoming acquainted with Grandfather Oak. Okapi's dog, Tio, joined us. He had a lovely time, but was a bit of a drama king whenever he got some stickers in his fur. He has such a cute face, though, that we forgave him.

Back at the homestead, there were chickens.I held a chicken! I scattered feed! I collected eggs in my skirt! Many childhood dreams (largely brought about by Little House on the Prairie) were fulfilled. In addition to chickens, there were films (I finally saw Casablanca), board games (Clue is not so challenging with only two people), unpacking Okapi's room, and an impressively large batch of flan, made my Okapi's mother. I'd never had flan before. What a treat!

All in all, my time in Sacramento was utterly joyous.

Thursday rolled around quickly, and soon I found myself in the car for a 13 1/2 hour drive north. I arrived in my driveway at 9pm, and have since settled in to being back in the PNW. The weather is cooler, the air is clearer, and I'm back in the same geographic area as my family and the kids' family. It's a pretty good deal.

On Friday, I went to see Clover's soccer game, and discuss the schedule for the rest of the school year with her mother. It was a lot of fun to see her play again, and man can she run! Fleur is on the same soccer team, and though she is not as much of a runner, she is a very good goalie. I also got to play with Neptune and Penguin, bouncing around a mini beach ball and just hanging out.

I start work tomorrow, and could not be looking forward to it more.

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  1. Did the dog get a code name too?
    Love that you had Little House on the Prairie desires fulfilled!

    13 1/2 hours???? Holy cow.