Monday, 14 September 2009

In Which The Straps Would Have Made All the Difference

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who was majoring in psychology. Her school required her to complete a senior thesis, and she had chosen a somewhat difficult path-- working with children. It was no given that a principal would allow her to work with the children at his/her elementary school! This young lady (we'll call her "Blythe") was very fortunate, however, because her mother used her impressive connections to convince a principal to allow her to study the kindergarten students at his school. Upon receiving the phone call with the good news, Blythe became so excited that she jumped up and down and around and around. This would ordinarily not have been a problem, but at the time Blythe was wearing what is commonly referred to as a "strapless dress." The dress in question did not withstand her enthusiastic jumping, and slid, quickly and fluidly, from just under her arms to just above her waist. Naturally, this impressive spectacle happened in front of the dining hall at dinner time, and many were witness to the event-- particularly one girl who was studying on the lawn and got quite a laugh at Blythe's expense. Blythe had to agree, however, that it was a funny incident and was-- quite to her surprise-- not the least bit embarrassed. She did, however, resolve to be more careful in her enthusiastic displays.

The End


  1. thats funny.

    And I love that you dreamt about my kids. I dream about bloggers all the time. ;)

  2. I did that. Except for me it was in the middle of a performance, and I was hanging upside down ten inches from two of my professors. Yeah. Fun times.