Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Biggest Compliment I Have Ever Received

Due to their mother's insane travel schedule (ie gone WAY more than either she or the children would prefer), birthday celebrations were put on hold this year. Despite the fact that the children's birthdays were way back in February, we will be celebrating their "unbirthdays" this summer. That's right-- there will be cake, a pinata, games, and crafts just about six months after their actual birthdays.

And I get to help plan it, because, you know, I'm here. With the children. During the summer.

And, well, because I'm pretty fond of such events. As it appears A has figured out by now.

SO, long story short, there are unbirthdays to be celebrated. The tricky part is scheduling. Though A doesn't have to travel to Asia anymore, that doesn't mean her weekends are completely open, and so we had to do some careful scheduling. The first available, reasonable weekend was July 10th/11th... the weekend I am going to be out of town for Aslan and Hans' wedding. I mentioned this to Clover, told her that I would not be offended in the SLIGHTEST if she wanted to have her party while I was gone, but that I wouldn't be available that weekend.

She paused, considered it, and then decided to wait an EXTRA MONTH for the party. That's right. The girl tacked on FOUR MORE WEEKS OF WAITING so that I could be there. (She thought it would be "easier." Heh. I am amused as this concept. What would I do that would make it easier? It's quite possible that she just thinks three adults are necessary to keep this birthday running smoothly.)

Anyway. There you have it. The biggest compliment I have ever received-- a ten year old delaying her (already delayed) party for a month, so I could be there to help things go smoothly. Either she likes more, or thinks I'm useful, or both. I'm good with any of these options.

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