Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cutlery, Cleaning, and Corkscrews, oh my!

I have a problem.

I have gone absolutely head-over-heels giddy for all things domestic. I look longingly at throw pillows. I used a birthday gift card to buy salt and pepper shakers. I used another gift card to buy a set of kitchen knives (to be fair, they are brightly coloured, so that makes them more legitimately exciting). I LONG FOR CLOTH NAPKINS (specifically the yellow "lettuce edged" ones at Bed Bat and Beyond-- $14.95 for 6. Outside of my budget for napkins). I bought half of my cutlery (service for four) with a coupon, and it was one of the highlights of my weekend.


Well, I guess THAT part isn't so bad. After all, my salt and pepper shakers are cute. My couch is super comfy. Those kitchen knives are genuinely pretty cool.


On Saturday, I was helping my dad do a little bit of cleaning. During the process, I found myself getting truly excited when he said I could take some of the family rags (you know, old hand towels or cloth napkins that are now good for nothing more than cleaning). This is not FANCY. We are talking LITERALLY, RAGS. And I was getting excited.

But what really made me concerned? Really really?

He had a new toilet cleaning system.
And I was practically taking notes.

Is it obvious that I need an apartment of my own to fawn over?

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