Saturday, 24 December 2011

Conversations with Clover

Clover: Did you ever not get picked for a nanny job?
Me: Yeah. I interviewed for a job with a woman, and she ended up choosing another person.
Clover: Crazy, insane, stupid person. Who would do that??
Me: Well... your dentist, actually.
Clover: Dr. Dentist?? Crazy, insane, stupid person.

For the record, I did explain that one could choose NOT to hire me, and still not be "crazy, insane, or stupid," and that Dr. Dentist's reported reasons for not hiring were due to our schedules. And, in fact, it worked out for the best, as a lot has happened this year and my schedule never would have worked if I'd ended up working for the Dentist family. But in the end, I was mostly just flattered by her passionate belief that anyone who chose not to hire me was an idiot.

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