Sunday, 12 February 2012


I think of cockroaches when I run.

No, not constantly. Just, you know... I think about them.

I read a study in a psych class once, explaining that cockroaches also seem to susceptible to a type of peer pressure. A cockroach, alone and unobserved by other roaches, will move at x speed. If he's running in the company of another cockroach, he'll run at ?x speed. Even if he's just observed by other roaches, that still increases his speed. I don't know what the deal is. Isn't that odd?

But that's what I think of when I run. Sometimes I feel like a cockroach.

I'll be running along, quite content with my current (slowish) speed, and then find myself powering through a few steps as I run by a running (or walking, or standing) person. It's not intentional, exactly, but it still happens.

I may have far more in common with cockroaches than I would care to admit.

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