Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Meet the ChickFam

This is Violet, a Black Australorp. She's the biggest by far, and rules the roost (if you will). Concern is that Violet may not be quite as female as we would prefer-- in other words, she might be a rooster. Fingers crossed that she's not!

This is Stella (nee Shelley), Panda's chick. She is a Plymouth Barred Rock* (we think... or maybe an Americauna...), and will grow up to be speckled black and white (assuming she's the former). Shortly after this picture was taken, she burrowed into Pom Pom's hair, as if she was trying to get comfortable in a nest. It was very cute.

This is Sunny, J's little one and a Rhode Island Red. She is the. most. talkative. As soon as you pick her up (or touch her... or look at her...) she starts cheeping her little head off. This kid has Opinions!

Meet Noodles, a Buff Orpington and Pom Pom's baby. She seems to get her bird training out of a Disney movie, as she perches so very nicely on Pom Pom's hand. Maybe she'll upgrade to arm or shoulder as she gets bigger? We can only hope. She's a sweetie pie, and fell asleep in Pom Pom's lap the other day. I nearly died of the cute:

Finally-- best for last, of course!-- here's Poppy. She's my Americauna (or, you know, Plymouth Barred Rock, if Stella isn't...), and the very sweetest (not that I'm biased). She cuddles up close and is very soft. I exploit this willingness to hang out by taking pictures of her in cupcake wrappers:

My job has the WEIRDEST benefits, but I honestly couldn't ask for better!

*I shall shorten Plymouth Barred Rock to "PBR" (in honour of the hipster beer) or "Plymouth Bard" in honour of.. well, any bard from Plymouth, I guess. Please bear with me while I enjoy this.

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