Monday, 12 March 2012

Tranche de homework*

Neptune is not known for his ability to Focus Consistently.
On anything

So it came as no great surprise when he spent his homework time alternately working on his fiction story and asking, seemingly out of the blue:

Why are erasers pink?
Because pink is a pretty colour.

When are we getting a new dryer?
As soon as you choose to donate $1000 to the cause.

Why isn't this pedometer working?
Whether it works or not, it should not be registering any steps-- you should be Firmly Seated And Writing.

He also felt the need to point out, "This is a great spy wall. See?" And sneaked around it, hands held in a "Charlie's Angels" style gun, face set in preparation for Meeting The Enemy.

I'll let you imagine how quickly is homework was completed.

*Did you notice my new blog title? I know my blog has had a bit of an identity crisis, but I'm pretty excited about this title. "Tranche de vie" means "slice of life," and was introduced by a French playwright in the late 1800s. It refers to dialogue or a story that represents the "real life" nature of the characters or plot.

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