Monday, 25 June 2012

Lazy Days of Summer, you say?

Oh, guys.

You probably thought I'd been Kidnapped By Zombies, or maybe Hidden Away in a Hot Air Balloon, or maybe Sunk to the Bottom of the Sea. (You didn't really think that, about the hot air balloon, did you? I'm terrified of heights.)

But NO.

That's not it AT ALL.

It's just SUMMER, guys! You know those lazy days of summer? Yeah, me neither. It's over-rated anyway, I'm sure. Here's what we've been up to for the past weekorso.

I currently have all four of my kids (Panda and Clover just finished 6th grade, Pom Pom finished 4th, and Neptune finished 3rd. PAR-TAY!), and thus, chaos reigns supreme. They get along really well, which I'm thrilled about, and we have been having Many Grand Adventures.

Side bar: You know all of the capital letters I've been using in this post? I know there are a ton, and I'm sorry, I'm sure that is annoying, but it's Really Important, because I've had a Capital Letter kind of week-and-a-bit, k? Please bear with me. 

So anyway. School let out on Friday the 15th at 10:40 (middle school) and 11:00 (elementary). I gathered together all My kids, and a bunch of their friends, on a field at a local park for Bubblepalooza. Basically this was a celebration of All of the Types of Bubbles We Could Think Of (regular bubbles, pop up bubbles, DIY bubble wands, bubble foam snakes, bubble wrap, bubble gum, carbonated drinks... you get the idea). It looked like this:

Because, logically, the only way to Do This Right is to put each individual bubble-thing into a plastic bucket ($1.50 at Michael's!) and tie a helium balloon onto it, labelled with the contents of the bucket. I mean, obviously.

Most of my pictures are of the kids (unsurprisingly), but here's a fun one where you can't see identifying features. They made bubble wrap shoes, which the middle schoolers are planning to wear on the first day of school (pleasegodletthemforget).

So that was Bubblepalooza. Fun was had by all, and I highly recommend it, if you're looking for an activity. It's splendid.

The following week (last week, in case you're keeping track) was an endless smorgesboard of glorious activities. We bounced and played dodgeball at SkyHigh (indoor trampoline center, in case you're unfortunate enough to live somewhere without one), went on a beautiful hike up Little Si (and everyone was cheerful! and cooperative! and sang as we walked!), came up with a team name (the Bubble Mafia, or BuMa for short. I'm the BuMama, in case you were wondering), wrote a team song (sung to the tune of All Star-- stay tuned for lyrics), made a huge chalk mural, played at multiple parks, ate lots of ice cream, celebrated Panda's birthday (12! woo!), got dressed up Extremely Formally and went to get non-fancy teriyaki for lunch and and and and...

You get the idea.

Last week was terrific, and we're off to a brilliant start this week.

We ate lunch of out of unexpected dishes (I had pasta out of a crock pot, for example, eaten with an ice cream scoop), made plaster of paris bugs, went to a really cool playground in Seattle, and went bowling.

Phew! I hope summer is off to a wonderful start for all of you as well! 


  1. You, my friend, are truly inspiring. I wish I was there to do those activities with you!

    1. I wish you were too! That would be such fun.