Monday, 5 November 2012

This is NOT a toy

There is a certain obsession with labeling various toys, tools, and household items with warnings. Be they pictures:
Or helpful hints about product usage:

Oh, thanks. I guess I won't shut the kid in a plastic box, or let the baby play with a plastic bag. Thanks for that help there.

My favourite label, though, hands down is:

And that's helpful enough when the item in question is not, actually, a toy. Like in the case of a plastic bag, for example.

But what about when it IS a toy?

But also, you know, NOT a toy...

Written, in bold, on the side of the box is "NOT A TOY." Thanks for clearing that up, Archie McPhee, but what is it then? A tool? 

And this:
This is a pool noodle that I bought at Costco. Very fun for use in the lake or swimming pool! BUT:

It is not a toy (certainly not!) and it's not a life saving device. It's a true mystery.

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