Monday, 25 March 2013

10 Things I Can't Do

1, Start and finish a task in the same, continuous block of time
2. Put down and pick up projects and still feel like I'm accomplishing things

1 & 2 are kind of in conflict.

3. Speak another language fluently
4. Get through a day without a list and/or calendar
5. Lie
6. Be late to an appointment, class, dinner, or lesson (and not feel awful/guilty/disorganised/stressed)
7. Find my way around an unfamiliar (or, ok, very familiar) city without a map or directions
8. Get all parts of a meal ready at the same time. Ever.
9. Sound casual if I'm not feeling casual. Can't fake it. I guess that goes along with #5.
10. Get this post together in time for the Thursday Writer's Workshop. Oops.

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