Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dream Come True

Being a teenage girl was different before YouTube. While it was very possible to obsess over your favourite celebrities, it was more difficult to obtain endless information about them. We all pretty much relied on the glossy magazines that came out once a month, or word-of-mouth gossip from friends. Sure, we used the internet too, but not in the way that it is used now.

You can learn anything on YouTube. Physics. Math. Cooking. Fondant sculpture. And, of course, everything you could ever want to know about your favourite boy band.

This is where Clover and Panda's interest lies at present. They have been busily researching Late Nite Reading, watching every video that features them, and following all of the various tributaries too. They have discovered Catching Your Clouds, Rocky Loves Emily, Farewell My Love, and more that I will likely never remember.

Late Nite Reading holds a special place in their hearts... and even moreso now.

Last week, they attended a Late Nite Reading concert.

And then...


They got to meet them.

Oh yes.

The drummer in Late Nite Reading is a close family friend, and so I was able to "use my connections" (ie beg and bully Drew into hanging out with us-- because I was dying to hear stories of his adventures, and the girls were dying to be within real life's arm reach of the band).

In case you're wondering what "dream come true" looks like, it involves meeting your favourite band ever that you watch allthetime on YouTube. It involves attending their real-live concert, and singing and dancing along. It involves meeting up with them at Pike Place Market, and showing them the gum wall. 

Nope, it doesn't get cooler than that.

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