Thursday, 28 February 2013


Did you ever play the computer game The Sims?

If you didn't, no great loss. It's kind of like real life (Sims get jobs, go swimming, occasionally burn down the kitchen, etc), but more boring. They speak in a weird language, are wholly incapable of doing anything for themselves, and seem to not possess an ounce of common sense.

They are sort of like young children, in that way.

They also live in a crazy, fast-forward version of time. An hour of real life time is about a week in Sims world (or... something... I don't actually remember). It's super, super fast. As soon as you have finally fed your Sim breakfast, it's almost dinner time. It's all you can do to keep them fed, rested, and toileted. It really is an uphill battle. There's no time for work, no time for hobbies, it's just a grind to keep that little floating diamond even partially green.

(If you've never played Sims, I've lost you. But just go with me on this.)

More and more I'm feeling like I'm living in Sims Time. It's an alternate reality where I'm always short on time and just struggling to keep everyone fed and rested. Homework done is a necessity, hobbies are secondary. Extra credit if there's time for something fun.

We're living in Sims time here, folks. Let's keep it movin'.

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