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Xanga Memoirs

A window into my world at age 16. Watch out, it's treacherous. I chose the entries carefully, so that you wouldn't think I was TOO crazy at age 16. Unfortunately, I think that's unavoidable. Still, when Kathy suggested posting a week's worth of entries "as if we were 16" for a Writer's Workshop challenge, it made me realise... I have a week's worth of entries from when I was 16. On Xanga! Oh, 16. 

June 5, 2003

ARGH what a birthday. A chinese exam AND the worst maths exam I have had in my entire LIFE. Maybe I can go live somewhere where maths isn't needed...like...uh...under my bed? I could live there with the demon who will reach out and grab my ankle if I don't jump into bed fast enough.
Well, anywhere where maths is unnecessary. I'm not picky.
Happy Birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear Blythe
Happy birthday to me
Isn't it scary that I'm 16 years old??? AHHHHHHHHH I should be, like, a rebel or something! But seriously. 16 sounds ancient. I've got one foot in the grave! I'll soon need a cane, I expect.
To all who had to take the exams, I hope they were better for you than they were for me

October 13, 2003
Hello, my friends,
Oh. My. God. How is it that we should be thinking about college this early? WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE? It seems that getting into a university or college is extremely competitive and one needs to be very involved in school, have good grades, etc. I guess International Award is a good choice, then? It would seem so. But what I want to know is- how do people choose a college? I mean, in America alone there are literally hundreds of universities and colleges. I’m thinking liberal arts college, and then on to graduate school, to focus on a more specific subject for a career. Anybody know of MacalesterCollege? It’s in St PaulMinnesota, and sounds really good. Any opinions, let me know.
college/university sounds quite interesting, but very stressful to get in to!! And I’m still stuck on how one narrows down one’s choices. I mean, especially if you aren’t that influenced by location- what if you are just as interested in East coast schools as west coast schools, etc? HOW COME WE DON’T LEARN THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL? I’ve got a list of about a million different universities and colleges, I guess I might as well take a quick look at many of them.
Or just start with the liberal arts colleges.
Wish me luck, everybody!

November 10, 2003
Hi again.
I just remembered, having read my friend's site, that we have a fricking debate today. and I am debating against fricking coca cola. And I fricking want fricking coca cola at our fricking school.
I hope the other fricking side wins.
Isn't fricking the coolest word EVER?
I think so.
Anyways, at least try to appreciate that I'm having a hard time getting my head round this idea of a debate.
Ermm... what was I going to say? Oh yeah, auditions. well we had auditions for the high school production of "Little Shop of Horrors" yesterday, and it was dead freaky. LOL and like three out of the five people that were there when I was read the exact same lines I was reading for my audition. Hahaha! Oh well! I guess we'll see what comes of it. Hope I get a part though.
Anyways, talk to you later

March 05, 2004
hello blythe's avid fans!
this is anna. she is packing for the ia walk, and so ive hijacked her computerbot and writing a xanga entry for her
but i have not anything to say. blythe does tho. she says : "im hiding my laundry" (while applying foundation)
don't ask me...i'm just the undertaker.
ok well we must be off to eat lovely thai food at thai heaven muahahhahahahaha yumyum coconut chicken..........
okiedokie. blythe just told me she will get mad if i get more comments than she does on her other entries, so let's make her fuming so we can boil water and have a cuppa on her head.
im nto making sense any more so im going to go
and a word from blythe:" is that blended"?
luv anna

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