Sunday, 10 February 2013

Really, I do this to myself

My life would be easier, you know, if I didn't care so much. I care about people, animals, punctuality, grammar, the environment, my job, the people related to my job, academics.... it goes on and on.

But really, you know what would make my life way, way easier?

If I just didn't give a damn about holidays.

Think about it. No holidays. No themed decorations or dinners, no festive songs, no cards, no gifts.

It's easier, it's cheaper, it's... sadder.

And so, despite the expense, the frivolity, the time (oh god, the time), I carry on. I embrace the holidays. And it works, actually, really well. Most of the time. I have time to give all of my energies to Christmas (we decorated! we sang! we visited lights and gingerbread houses!), Hanukkah (homemade candles! I even learned a prayer!), Easter (egg hunt!), Passover (plagues made out of ShrinkyDinks!)(yeah, ok, that one is weird). And then. just when I'm recovering from the December holidays... it hits.


Oh man, guys. February. The entire K family has birthdays that fall within one week of each other. One week. It's birthday week! Clover and A even share a birthday. That's how ridiculous this is. And, oh hey, it's also the same week as Valentine's day! And this year, it's also the same week as Chinese New Year!

And, because the elementary school is great, family night at book fair is ALSO during that week, and we couldn't possibly miss that now could we? 

And so, our week looks like this:

Monday: Family night at book fair
Tuesday: Chinese New Year celebration (And yeah, ok, technically CNY is Sunday. But I don't work on Sundays. And Monday is already taken up with book fair. And there is no way I am not celebrating this with the children.)
Wednesday: Clover and A's birthday
Thursday: Valentine's Day
Friday: Neptune's pre-birthday (they will be out of town on his actual birthday, so we are celebrating a bit early)

And ok, yeah, I could just not celebrate CNY.

Or, I guess, we don't actually need a themed dinner and homemade Valentines.

And, well, yes, Neptune's birthday isn't actually until Monday, and we could celebrate when he gets back. Except, you know, I gave him the choice. And he chose Friday.

So I'm pulling out my apron, my heart cookie cutters, tulle, glitter, calligraphy brushes, and red envelopes. I'm wishing everyone a xin nian kuai le and telling them gong xi fa cai. I'm singing happy birthday until my voice is horse, and putting glitter heart stickers on every surface I can reach.

And I'm loving every minute.

Or, well... most of the minutes.

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