Friday, 8 February 2013

Cooking Triumphantly

Recently, I have been cooking triumphantly.

Though I have always fed the children, of course, it's only within the past couple of weeks that I have been cooking. Chicken, steak, tofu, Quorn, potatoes, Duck Feast (ie breakfast for dinner), you name it. It's not artistic, it's not challenging, but it is Cooking.

Every night when I Produce a Dinner, I feel almost deserving of applause. Now, if that isn't a sign of The Times and My Life, I'm not sure what is. Regardless of how silly that is, though, it's how I feel.

I triumphantly marinade, cook, serve. I sit down with the children, and smile across the table at them.

I'm not the only one who is enjoying this, though. Even though this greater variety means that "favourite" foods are less likely to be served and dinner, and that trying of new things will be required. Even though it is now a Required Activity for the evening. Even though.

The kids are very pleased with this arrangement. They are really enjoying sitting around the table, chatting about our days, and enjoying each other's company. They are also eating better, though I don't think that is apparent to them.

It has only taken a couple of weeks, but they are into the rhythm. They ask what dinner will be, cheerfully accept that snacks are "fruit or veggie only" after about 4:30, and cheerfully help to set or clear the table.

It is pleasant. And I am Triumphant.

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