Thursday, 21 November 2013

4 Things

I was tasked with coming up with 4 unexpected/surprising things about myself, courtesy of a friend on Facebook.

1. Though I am petrified of heights, I have "ride in a hot air balloon" on my lifetime To Do list.
2. I am collecting hilarious or meaningful quotes from middle schoolers, and secretly think I may make a book someday... even if it's just a Shutterfly book for myself. It even has a title, but I'm not telling, 'cause what if I really do decide to publish it?
3. I really, viscerally hate the Game of Life. I feel like it is judging my life choices (stop here and get married! choose the family path OR the career path!), and determining the overall success of life (MY life!) by the amount of money I earn.  And don't even get me STARTED on the little pink and blue people. Ugh.
4. A part of me truly believes that my car may, at any moment, begin flying. This is especially true when cresting a hill or going over a speed bump. It could happen.

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