Friday, 21 February 2014

A Shout Into The Dark

Wow, hi.

Does anyone still read this? I mean, I barely read it. Or write it. Obviously.

So, hi, if you're out there.

My life has been so very full, in joyful and wonderful and painful and exhausting ways. Not a single one of them has been recorded here, for the following reasons:

1) Lots of them involve people other than just me (I know, it's shocking that I don't live in a vacuum), and their news is not mine to share or deconstruct on the internet.
2) Some of these people are Children, and that means REALLY I can't share it on the internet.
3) Some of these people are Children in a Public Middle School Whom I Know Through Student Teaching, so that means I Really, REALLY can't share it on the internet.
4) Some of it is private. It's mine to share and I Don't Want To.
5) The rest just isn't that exciting to talk about.
6) I'm actually quite busy.

So, sorry. Don't take it personally.

All I can say is that I feel a little post-Grinch these days. Between all of the many wonderful and hurty things my people and I are going through, I feel like my heart has grown three sizes... and it was actually pretty sizable to begin with.

I've started a prayer list, though, which is a little funny. Because, well, I don't believe in anyone to whom one would, actually, pray. I'm a cheerful, moral atheist. I can't even say that I think "thinking good thoughts" or "sending good vibes" makes any difference to anyone at all, but I do that very actively. (I sometimes accompany my good-thought-sending with a text message or phone call telling people that's what I'm doing. Otherwise it seems a little incomplete.) If you want my good thoughts, though, let me know. (Note: I do, sometimes, pray for people who believe in prayer themselves. I cannot explain this behavior.)

I have ALSO started an Exciting Plans list. I am so excited about my 7-ish year plan. There is a LOT of traveling involved. It's going to be great.

And that's all.


You're welcome.

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