Sunday, 25 January 2009

25 Things

My friend just posted a list of 25 random things about herself, and I've decided to follow her example.

1. Unlikely though this may be, I can remember breathing underwater as a child.
2. I have worked for the same family for the past 3 summers, and intend to work for them again this summer... even though I KNOW I should be getting an internship. Nope, I want to play with my kids!
3. When I'm at my house, I live with not only my human family, but 1 dog, 1 snake, 2 hedgehogs, and 4 tortoises. (At college, I only have 2 tortoises... they travel back and forth with me.)
4. I am always early, unless something untoward has happened.
5. This is the first semester I have worn make up regularly. I don't really know what I'm doing.
6. All things considered, I'd rather be barefoot.
7. I'm 21. The kids I nanny for are 8 and 5. People still call me "Mom."
8. I keep coloured paperclips in a martini glass on my desk.
9. I drink Diet Coke like it's water. Don't judge me.
10. I have been to somewhere between 21-23 countries (depending on whether you count Monaco and the Vatican) and I'm always ready to go somewhere new.
11. I always wish on stars and dandelions, kiss my fingers and touch the roof as I go through a yellow light, touch wood, and throw salt over my left shoulder-- but those are the only superstitions I adhere to . Black cats can walk wherever they want, and if I choose to open an umbrella inside, well then, I don't think that's so bad.
12. I love skirts that twirl.
13. I live for sunshine.
14. I stopped biting my fingernails as a New Year's resolution, and I've actually succeeded. I'm shocked.
15. My car has a name. It may be the only "real" name I'm going to put on this blog, but it's so darn cute I have to share it. Her name is Annabelle, and she's a pretty little silver bug.
16. I have been accused of having a room "like a kindergarten classroom" because I actually put up pictures that the kids send me... and I put them up everywhere.
17. I like routines, but I rarely form them intentionally. Sometimes I just look up and realise that I have fallen into a pattern.
18. Similarly, I really like lists-- especially if they can be neatly organised and possibly colour-coded (but I'm not actually organised, unless I have to be)
19. I have a paralysing fear of heights, but I have gone skydiving, parasailing, and paragliding. And I would do it again.
20. The adjective that is used most often to describe me is "cute."
21. I have selected Britishisms (mostly unintentionally)-- I say petrol (not gas) and boot (not trunk) and trousers (not pants). On the other hand, I have never in my life called the hood of my car the "bonnet," chips are not "crisps," and french fries are not "chips."
22. My hair would not hold curl if its life depended on it. It has one look: straight.
23. I hate cleaning, but I hate mess more.
24. I have a professor who calls me "Bubbles," because of all the days that I blew bubbles in his class.
25. My brain does not function in an A, then B, then C kind of way, but in a Q, then triangle, then 87 kind of way.


  1. Saw you on Yaya's blog and wanted to say hi!

  2. Ok, I have your questions, but will need an email to send them to you. You can email it to me. My email is on my profile.