Friday, 23 January 2009


The school I go to is not just inhabited by squirrells, but essentially owned by them. They do not scurry off when they see you coming, instead they just stare at you intently, their beady black eyes challenging your right to be there. Sometimes they even yell at you if you walk too close to their branches.

The crowning glory of my time at college thus far was when I saw a squirrell fall out of a tree. I felt like I was back on equal footing again. I may do some pretty clumsy stuff, but I don't think a squirrell has ever witnessed me randomly toppling over (I tend to do that inside, on stairs and things like that). It was easily one of the funniest moments of my life. I longed to go over to the squirrel and whisper I saw that.

Today when I walked into my dorm, sure enough, there was a squirrell on the lilac bush outside the door. He was about eye-level, and we gazed at each other for a moment before I realised he was holding his little paw over his heart.

It's about time those squirrells showed me some respect!


  1. Oy, squirrels!

    "back in the day" we had a nest of crows RIGHT OUTSIDE our dorm window and they would start loudly crowing at the break of dawn soon as a room opened up across the hall we moved!

  2. I guess every college has its pest! Could be worse. Could be rats.