Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Keeping it classy (hey look! a pun!)

There should be a law against how criminally boring my Energy and the Environment prof is. It should be an interesting class, right? After all, it's very relevant to our lives right now... right? If this man has been teaching for so long, it must be something he's passionate about-- right? I don't know why, but he cannot inject even a molecule of enthusiasm into his voice. After droning on about energy and electricity for an hour or so, my friend passed me a note. It said, "He could use some energy." Thank god TR and AC are also in the class, or I might go mad. At least we can work together on our projects, and poke each other to stay awake. Yep, that's true friendship.

Other than that, I think classes will be good. My visual arts of the theatre class will be a lot of work, but I like the prof, and at least there won't be big papers to write, for the most part-- and no exams. Instead, we'll do things like build model sets and design costumes. Now, my artistic skills about match those of the children I nanny for, but I hope that if I put enough time and effort in, the result will show that I tried. Plus, the theatre department supplies all the materials, so I think I might just have fun. I do like crafts, after all!

Language Development will be super. My friend, EB, is in the class with me and that is quite a perk. Besides, it's a psych class, and I do really love psych and have missed it this last semester while I've been abroad. It cracks me up, hearing what kids say. My favourite quote of last summer was, "Chaos can jump like a Cantalope!" ("Chaos" is my employers' family's crazyinsanebutextremelylovable poodle.) I am not sure how mixing up the words "antalope" and "cantalope" directly relate to language development, but I am sure I can tie it in eventually. I hope. I need an excuse to keep collecting those fabulous kid quotes! (Another favourite: "Are we going to drive through Spain?"-- during a family roadtrip on the continental United States.)

I haven't had a Reserach Design class yet, but I think that'll be good. Important for thesis after all. Oh, thesis.

And in conclusion, there should be a required acting class for all professors. No, I am not a biased actor (stop looking at me like that-- I'm not...). I just like a little vocal variety in my life.

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  1. Lol, sadly...the kids I nanny for have better artistic skills than me!