Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Countdown (and some belated notes on Easter)

Well, it's all scheduled, organised, and written down on my calendar in Sharpie (or would be, if my Sharpie wasn't tempermental-- instead it is on my phone calendar). The Lumps are going to be removed this coming Monday! Everyone keeps saying they are benign-- which I definitely believe-- but it will still be a relief to get rid of them.

Two of my friends-- Joanna and Jill-- are going to be in charge of taking me to and from the clinic, for which I am tremendously appreciative. I have to be there by 8:15, the clinic is an hour away, and we are college students. Like I said, it's generous.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Our college version involved a "Classy Easter Brunch" that featured a bunny cake and homemade biscuits, pomegranete jam, quiche, and strawberries. We played "Where in the World is Carmen Sandi-egg-o?" which was a sort of virtual egg hunt. (Joanna and I were really pleased when we came up with the name for it.)


  1. Those are great friends you have to take you pick you up. I'll be thinking about you next Monday and hoping it all goes well.

  2. I'll be thinking of you Monday.

  3. Well done on the bunny cake. It looks much better than our last year's effort...