Friday, 10 April 2009


It is with great relief that I announce Burt, Cleveland, and I will go our separate ways. I had an appointment a while ago with a doctor who recommended that I get a biopsy, which was scheduled for today. After a few days, though, I decided that I would just sooner have this all dealt with and move on.

I called the office and asked if it was reasonable to just get the lumps removed instead. "Oh, sure!" chirped Dr. West's assistant, Gina. "No, that shouldn't be a big deal at all... let me just talk to Dr. West and get some paperwork filled out, and we'll call you back in a couple of days!"

On Thursday (yesterday), Becky called from "surgical scheduling." She scheduled me for a pre-op appointment on Tuesday and surgery itself next Monday.

And then? Then? THEN the lumps will be gone and I will be free to focus on other things.

Which is exactly how I would like it.


  1. Oh good. Good luck with your surgery. I would be like you too, get those things out of me so i can forget about them!