Monday, 27 April 2009

What a week...

This is been the longest week I have ever experienced.

Monday-- Surgery
Tuesday-- Surgery recovery (aka stuck in bed)
Wednesday-- hall draw, beginning of negotiations for our student theatre group (drama drama)
Thursday-- continuing negotiations for BLT/Druids: settle on outcome after hours of debate (I'll be the general manager! Yay!)
Friday-- phone call from dad, family troubles. BLT/Druids meeting in which our slightly controversial plan is announced. Thank goodness it was accepted
Saturday-- see play at Occidental, Joanna got a call from her mom: Liver/Kidney transplant in the morning. We then stayed up all night with her, so we could drive her to LAX at 5am. The night in the suite was insane. Very weird.
Sunday-- Joanna's mom's transplant. Wobbling through the day on no sleep.

I'm exhausted.


  1. Sorry there is some family drama. :(

    Yay on GM!