Monday, 11 October 2010

Finding the Car

Really (really, really) I'm a nanny. But sometimes, this job comes with other duties. Yesterday, it was my job to pick up Family B (the morning family) from the airport.

Now, I drive a VW Bug. Annabelle, though a wonderful car, fits approximately 2 adults or 2 adults and 2 children comfortably. There was no. way. I was going to take her to the airport to pick up a family of four. Logically, I decided to take the family's Honda Pilot.

Their car was parked in the Park and Ride in the city where they live, and I set off to find it. It was not until I was IN the parking lot, that it occurred to me: Probably, more than one person in this city ones a Honda Pilot. Probably, more than one is parked in This Very Parking Lot.

And, sure enough, I had to try at least 4 other cars before I finally found the one the key unlocked.

The best part? The remote unlock function on the key was broken, so I had to go around sticking the key into the lock on each of the car doors, trying to open them.

I'm sure I looked like the worst car burglar in the world.

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