Wednesday, 6 October 2010


A woman in the QFC (grocery store) parking lot just came up to me and, seeing sticker on my car, asked if I had gone to Scripps College (see how I'm telling you now, because I'm not there anymore? Sneaky!):

Me: Yeah, I did.
Woman: What did you think of it?
Me: Oh wow, I loved it. Best four years of my life!
Woman: Oh. My daughter and I just visited, and we thought it was really uptight and unfun. It seemed like everyone studied until 1am.
Me: ...

I mean, yes, people DO study hard. It's a school that requires work, and work we do! But that's certainly not the extent of it. We study hard, and play hard.

We DEFINITELY have fun.

After having this conversation with the misguided woman, I immediately called Aslan. She was as flabbergasted as I was, and after a few minutes of discussing this, she said, "You know, I feel kind of offended, like she was questioning whether *I* had fun or not!" Which, once she said it, was definitely how I felt too.

I texted some other folks from Claremont, and this is what they said:

Esquire: Wow. Well, maybe she's a stuipdhead who can't recognise fun if it hit her in the face.

Joanna: Wow really...? Maybe college isn't right for her. She could take up bartending...?

Jill: Boy are they wrong! Oh well. They are missing out.

London: To each her own, I guess!

Polka Dot: That was not my experience. No frats but that doesn't mean no fun.

Zee: Oh boy. Little do they know.

Wednesday: Well, it maybe unfun now, but only because we're not there.

Clearly, CLEARLY even the most polite of people agree with me on this one. Scripps was FUN! So what on earth did these people experience while they were there? Who was their tour guide?! I wish I had asked....

I mean, are these the faces of kids who never had fun?

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