Friday, 15 October 2010


I love Halloween. It's not one of my favourite holidays, but it certainly is a fun one-- and I will latch onto any excuse to be "festive." Not to be underappreciated is that a nice holiday like Halloween lends some direction to crafting (and, I'm sure, cooking and baking-- though I haven't gone down that route yet). This week, Clover, Neptune, and I decorated gourds.

Yes, gourds.

I give you the results:

(That's Rafael, the bizarre white squash, and what I think of as the magical pumpkin. I decorated these ones...)

Neptune decorated these. I love the blue pumpkin and all of the foam shapes.

And this is all Clover's doing. She was particularly into this craft project (I can't say I blame her). The best one, in my opinion is that small orange and green gourd that looks like a hedgehog. Awesome.

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