Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Recently, I have been helping with Clover's 5th grade musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's an ambitious undertaking-- 100 5th graders (most without previous theatre experience), 150 parts (so lots of costume changes), many props and set pieces, and not a whole lot of backstage space. There are songs, dances, and people turning into blueberries left, right, and centre (well, ok, only one person turns into a blueberry... but it SEEMS like a lot!).

Here's what it would sound like to be at a rehearsal with me:

Quiet off stage! Face the audience! React! Keep acting, even when you're not speaking! GOOD! EXACTLY! Louder! Speak more clearly, I want to understand you! Louder! Keep acting! Face the audience! QUIET OFF STAGE!

And so on.

Luckily, I also get to run warm ups, and that's the most fun of all. We do facial exercises: massaging the face, "chewing gum," making the face very big and then very small
tongue twisters/articulation exercises: red leather, yellow leather, good blood, bad blood. red leather, yellow leather, good blood, bad blood. Whether the weather is hot, or whether the weather is cold, we'll be together whatever the weather, whatever the weather may hold.
vocal warm ups: Saying to a spot as far away as possible, "I never said she bit my dog. I never said she bit my dog. I never said she bit my dog." and so on.
Best of all, energy warm ups: This is everyone's favourite. It's called shay shay cool aye, and is a repeat-after-me warm up. It's sort of a dance, and it's lots of fun. If I remember, I'll make a video, or take pictures of each step!

Tonight is opening-- I'm excited, and I know the kids are!

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