Thursday, 10 March 2011

Interpretation is Key

I have recently started looking after an 8 month old (nickname to be determined). She is generally a cheerful, amiable baby, and I really enjoy spending time with her. She's very cute!

She is a baby, though, and babies cry. She has been ill, and so that means even more crying, usually about things I cannot fix. The crying can grate on the nerves, but I've found a method of dealing with it that makes me, at least, feel better.

I assign my own frustrations to her crying. As [baby] is sobbing away, I will coo to her, "Oh, I know! Climate change is so awful! What does the future hold?" or "Gah! I know! The glass ceiling is the frustration of so many American females!" All of this is said with in a soothing tone of voice, with an encouraging smile.

It's all in how you interpret what you hear.

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  1. I do the SAME THING! It really does sort of help.