Friday, 13 April 2012


It's Spring here, in the Greater Seattle Area. Finally! I'm not sure it will last (we tend to alternate between winter and spring for a while), but while it's here, I'm rejoicing. Not only am I enjoying the gorgeous weather (high 50s-mid 60s, sunny), but I'm also loving everyone's reaction to it.

When it's sunny here, we can't help but talk about it. In fact, we struggle to have other conversations. It doesn't matter whether you're talking to your boss or co-worker, a doctor, waitress, or your kid-- every conversations seems to begin and end with, "Have you SEEN the SUN?" We start talking about hikes, picnics, visits to playgrounds, iced lattes, and flowers. We turn very pale shades of pink, as our skin reacts to this unfamiliar bright orb in the sky. We plan all of our activities around the weather, refusing to be inside longer than strictly necessary, feeling guilty if we (god forbid) CHOOSE to be indoors when being outside is also an option.

It's sunny here. And that's all I'm capable of talking about.

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