Sunday, 22 April 2012


If you read this blog at all regularly (HA! As if I WRITE this blog at all regularly!), you may recall that Neptune once called me a Butterfly Person. I'm fairly sure that he meant "someone who likes butterflies," not "someone who resembles a butterfly in terms of spirit and occasionally appearance," but I'm seizing on the latter description. I'm a Butterfly Person.

I take great, perhaps-uncalled-for joy in the minutia. Watching a dog eat peanut butter is enough to set me giggling. I find great satisfaction in squishing through mud in a pair of rain boots. I feel a little happy glow every time I see a flowering tree. I'm telling you, it doesn't take much.

So you can only imagine the unadulterated joy I feel at holidays. Holidays are an opportunity for me to direct all of my creative energy toward one specific purpose: Celebrating To the Extreme. There are themed activities! Decorations! Meals! The point is not WHAT the holiday is, but rather THAT the holiday is. I celebrate Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, and Chinese New Year with abandon. (Though not necessarily equal abandon-- depends on time available, my over all enthusiasm for the holiday, etc. I can pretty much guarantee, though, that I will celebrate and decorate more than most people.)

I'm a visual person. Are you as well? Here's a photo-journey through my whimsy...

Chinese New Year:

Decorated plates, hong bao, new chopsticks!

Fancy pancakes!

Valentine's Day

(Neptune made these super hero lollipops for Valentine's Day.)

St. Patrick's Day


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