Monday, 30 March 2009

It's Official!

It's official-- or as "official" as medical folk get. The ultrasound was, indeed, benign. Why they couldn't have told me that a week ago, I do not know.

Oh wait, I do know.

My doctor was in Hawaii. On business. Hm. (I do actually believe that, it just sounds grossly unfair.)

I still have an appointment with a doctor here on Thursday, and I think it'll be good to just get a second opinion. I would like to note that I still, regardless of their benign nature, want Burt and Cleveland to move on. I still want a biopsy.

But just so you know, I'm having a mini celebration over here, pleased that this first step is much easier than it could be. Surgery is still to come, but it should not be drama-filled. Hurray!


  1. PHEW! Benign is best. I'm sure the surgery will be fine. I'm glad you're getting other opinions and nipping this thing in the bud. Bye bye benign booby bump!!

  2. Oh I am so glad. That has got to be a load of your mind and hopefully a load off your boob.

  3. Oh good! Phew!!

    Hawaii...yes...sounds fishy!