Wednesday, 18 March 2009

College Spring Break, Part II

I have been having a simply glorious spring break. The weather may be gross (snow and rain on the same day? Ick), the swimwear has never seen the light of day, and I have been in bed by midnight every night... but it's been just super.

On Friday, I went to spend time with Neptune and Clover, as you may recall. That weekend was family time, and then on Monday I picked two other child-friends up from school and got to have some play time there. Let's call them... Fleur and Penguin. Fleur is 8, and Penguin is 5.

The are about as into crafts as I am, which is pretty excellent. We looked in their craft drawer, and found an enormous tub of glitter pens. I was pretty excited, and we spent a while glitter-ing things. We are artists, I tell you.

In the same craft drawer as the glitter pens was a box that contained three other boxes of crayons, for a total of 120. Penguin had organised each of the boxes by colour-- reds in this section, oranges over here, greens there, and browns and blacks in a separate box. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I will never be that organised, ever, in my entire life. It cracked me up.


This post has been waiting for me to finish it forever. I'm just going to post it now, call it good, and catch you up on the rest of spring break later. Wahoo!

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  1. Penguin!

    Glitter Pens!

    Was there an ORANGE glitter pen??!