Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Letter to Medical Professionals

Dear Doctors,

I know you are well-trained, intelligent people. I know that you have many people who depend on you every day.

Nontheless, Doctors, I'm not sure how I feel about being forgotten. I had expected to hear from you on Monday, so finally I called your office today to find out what I should be doing-- biopsy, waiting and observing, or just forgetting it all and going to Disneyland or possibly Fiji-- and I was told that my main doctor never even received the results from the ultrasound. Excuse me? I may not be worried, but I am distracted by all of this and would like it sorted sooner rather than later. I've got stuff to do, guys. Papers to write. Projects to work on. People to see! It is hard for me to focus on this with Burt and Cleveland just chillin' there, and not knowing what they will do next.

In college, we're all about planning for the long term. I want to make some plans here, Doctors! If surgery is a good idea sooner rather than later, I need to get the ball rolling from an academic standpoint. If it's an over-the-summer kind of deal, I need to talk to my employers. I know we're all busy here, but please, I'm feeling out of the loop on my health!

I think maybe I should be thanking you for something, though. Thank you for making it apparent early on that I need to be pro-active about my health, that I'm the only one I can rely on for this. Doctors have many patients, and I cannot expect them to be more than human.

I can, however, expect myself to be on top of things.

Thanks for your time,



  1. It took me a long time to realize that I need to advocate for myself in terms of my health because no doctors were going to do that for me. I then went on a "find the perfect doctors" spree and didn't settle until I was satisfied. I now LOVE my doctors. They are the right doctors for me. I hope yours get their &%$# together soon and calls you!

  2. This is a very sad thing about the medical profession. Sad but true. You SO need to be your own advocate.