Sunday, 5 July 2009

Home Sweet Home

You missed me, right? The whole two weeks I was gone, you were thinking to yourself, “Where has Blythe gone? I miss her, and her cupcakes, and her bubbles.” You didn’t even know I blew bubbles, did you? Though you probably assumed it. I’m a bubble-blowing type of person.

Anyway. I know you missed me. You can stop worrying now, though, because I’m back. I went with “my” kids and their grandparents on a week long sojourn to Montana, where we stayed in their cabin.

When I say “cabin” I really mean “lodge.” Or “estate.” Or “log mansion,” as A, the kids’ mom, suggested. The cabin has three stories, a walk in pantry, and a hot tub. It is beautiful, and comfortable, and truly fun to be in… but perhaps not a “cabin.” I digress.

During our week in Montana, we went on many adventures and had a great time. We picked wildflowers, strolled around the yard, went on a 3 hour horseback ride (definitely the highlight), visited the Museum of the Rockies, splashed in the hot tub, played pool and… well, you get the idea. It was fun being away with the kids, enjoying the outdoors. The kids were in ecstasies, riding in the back of a pick up and rafting down the river.

When we weren't enjoying the outdoors, we were enjoying the Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman. Pictured here is the largest t-rex skull ever discovered. Neptune was impressed.

The kids were quite excited for the horseback ride, but when we woke up on Friday morning, it was raining. And then we heard thunder. Ai. I cannot even describe how relieved I was when the clouds cleared away for 3 hours exactly-- precisely enough time for us to go on our ride and return. The kids had the time of their lives. Clover struggled with a more stubborn horse, but did a great job hanging in there when the going got tough. Neptune was perched atop the largest horse I have ever seen, and was (rather to my surprise) totally in his element. He was totally comfortable, and loved the experience. I thought he would like it-- I did realise he would like it so much!

This is Nephi. He was my trusty companion for the trail ride.

After a week at the “cabin,” A and K (the kids’ parents) showed up and I left. That “cabin” was going to house 4 families for the next week! I’m looking forward to hearing the stories when I get to work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my mom and I headed off for a day in Yellowstone, before heading to Missoula to visit family.

And now? Now, I am back in the PNW, and eager to begin this new week with the kids. It’s always great to travel, but sometimes the coming home is just as wonderful as the going away!


  1. Missed you!

    I'm so jealous! That cabin looks awesome. And I LOVE horses. Great rainbow pic!

  2. Welcome home and I did miss you. I was wondering what happened, glad to know you where gone for good reasons.

  3. You're right - it is nice to get back home. But it looked like a great trip!